I can see what the author is trying to do, but he never quite gets there

Written by
Jasper T. Scott in 2013

So I don’t have a problem with self publishing, because let’s face the facts: I type endlessly into a WordPress blog. In fact, I think self publishing is great, because a lot of people can tell a good story, especially when they’ve had a few. On the other hand, I think Jasper T. Scott had a few too, and out came Dark Space, which is a difficult book to review.

I say it’s hard to review simply because it has all the great space battles of Star Wars, and the storyline and characters assembled on the back of an envelope and built out of Lego pieces. Dark Space follows the character of Ethan Hawke Ortane, a pilot hiding out with the remnants of humanity in a black hole cluster, because the human race has been nearly obliterated in a short and brutal war.

Anyway, he owes a debt to a criminal overlord and gets “encouraged” to find a way to subvert the last remaining human supercarrier that guards the region of space. Then, Brondi the crim will be able to take over the carrier and become the overlord of…well, it’s not clear what, but he’s the bad guy who wants all the things.

Then there are the characters themselves. Maybe it’s a result of the expression or the language used, but I could never really get into the fate of Ethan much beyond going for the good guys versus the bad guys tropes. The limited supporting cast, which is basically the criminal Brondi and some of the crew of various starships don’t lend themselves to much sympathy either.

This is the first of a series of five books, and while it sets a decent foundation for the followups, I really hope the characters themselves get better with age and forethought. Mostly forethought.


Decent action space opera, let down by patchy writing and boring characters.

Read this if you…

Are itching for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Don’t read this if you…

Need high brow science fiction. For that, there are plenty of options.


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