Holy crap, this is good!

Never mind all the RPGs that have gone before. This game is the benchmark for all the grand RPGs to come, at least in my mind. However, from my experience, the most important thing to take out of this game is this: ignore the PC requirements. You don’t need some uber processor to play this game.

So for those who are new to The Witcher trilogy, you play the part of Geralt of RIvia*, a professional mutant monster hunter inhabiting a world quite similar in tone and history to Westeros, full of violence, debauchery and, well monsters. Some monsters are human, others are fantastical creatures.

Your job is to wander around the countryside and get paid to take out monsters threatening people, or people threatening people. In some ways, you’re like a medieval James Bond (which is apt, because you sure do shag a lot). Wild Hunt plops you right in the middle of a war in search of his lost love, Yennfer of Vengerberg**.

Then, you kill lots of things and end up being sent on a mission to find Ciri, the heir to Nilfgaard, your adopted daughter, and some sort of magical doomsday weapon. Kind of a position in which you don’t want to screw up!

Anyway, the storyline, as interesting as it is, probably pales in comparison to the world CDProjekt RED has built. It’s immense, beautiful and absolutely filled to the brim with things to do. Monster lairs pop up in the wilderness, hidden treasures, contracts for monsters and lots of people to meet. There’s even Gwent, a card game, which makes little sense to me. But whatever, the game has so much content you can safely ignore certain features.

I’ve only gone through the prologue and some parts of the beginning, so I’m hoping that it will get even better. Prepare for a whole host of articles about contracts and things like that! highly recommend this game.

* – Apparently, Geralt isn’t actually from a town called Rivia…

** – Ok, she’s from Vengerberg.


4 thoughts on “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    • Don’t know if you’ve had a go at the previous games in the series, they’re both pretty good as well. However, Witcher 2 has a direct influence on this one in terms of gameplay and plot, and first doesn’t.

      • Haven’t played any before, just seeing rave reviews for this one so I’m tempted to pick it up. How much of a factor is the pre-knowledge?

      • It isn’t all that crucial. In fact there are only four choices from number two that carry over and change this game in any way, which you can pick during a conversation after the prologue. It’s done seamlessly.

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