In addition to some of the mods I spoke about earlier, which help with transportation issues, I thought it might be good to also talk about a few mods to Cities: Skylines that make playing the game more fun and a take some of the annoyances out of it.

No more Chirper Messages

In the Simcity series, you would get news items scrolling across your screen. A lot of the stuff was inane and sometimes funny banter about llamas. Sometimes, it was actually useful news about how your city was functioning.

Sadly, Skylines‘ version of this is Chirper, a Twatter lookalike that, much like Twatter, spews forth random, repetitive shite that you have to view and delete. Thankfully, there’s a mod that can get rid of this “feature”. When I say feature, I mean stabbing pain in the proverbial.

You actually have two choices, you can get ChirpFilter, which removes the banter type messages, and keeps anything useful, or you can get a mod that eliminates it completely. I prefer killing Chirper, mainly because I hate Twatter.

Make all 25 tiles buildable

This is great, but you might want to make sure your CPU can handle the load. I know mine most likely can’t, but it is a good test for your PC build.

Automatic bulldoze

This is awesome. Instead of having to chase all those abandoned and burned down building icons, this will do it for you automatically, letting you concentrate on making more buildings to burn down or be abandoned.

Terraforming tool

I was amazed to find that there was no way to change the landscape included in the vanilla game. The way to solve this, and the stupid messages about your airport runways being not flat enough, is simply use this mod to alter the landscape.

Just be aware that the interface is a bit obtuse, and so is the way it actually functions…


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