More interstellar justice dispensed by a warship in human form

Written by
Ann Leckie in 2014

Ancillary Justice has to be one of the best surprises in science fiction books, as a debut novel written by Ann Leckie. Even though it’s a thoroughly personal story told through the eyes of a part of a formerly huge consciousness, it expresses a world that is both vibrant and imaginative.

Ancillary Sword continues the story of Justice of Toren, except that it’s now known as Fleet Captain Breq Mianaai, sent to ensure peace and order is kept on Athoek Station after the Radchaai split into what is effectively a limited civil war.

What Breq, Seivarden and the crew of Mercy of Kalr find on arrival at Athoek Station is injustice, inequality and discrimination. All the things that the Radchaai try to stamp out (sometimes very aggressively). Breq sets about restoring the systems of Radchaai government, equality and justice to the benefit of all, and atoning for shooting dead Lieutenant Awn, a favourite officer.

Ancillary Sword is the middle child of the trilogy, and the upcoming Ancillary Mercy should close out the Radchaai civil war story later this year. However, this story is a much more personal one, about using power for the good of all and treating people with respect and kindness, whether they will accept it, is up to them.

If you enjoy space operas, this is definitely a series that you should be paying attention to, and I certainly hope that Ann Leckie keeps writing great stories!


Another winner from Ann Leckie. This is a great continuation of the Radchaai universe.

Read this if you…

Are into space operas, great stories and most of all, dispensing justice. ‘Cos, you know, Breq’s first name was Justice of Toren.

Don’t read this if you…

Like Justine Bieber. This isn’t even a reason. Just go read it.


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