For a movie called Focus, it certain lacks a lot of focus in everything it does

Will Smith as Nicky Spurgeon
Margot Robbie as Jess Barrett
Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga
with Gerald McRaney as Bucky Spurgeon/Owens

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a decent Will Smith movie, and after watching Focus, it seems I have to wait a little while longer. Billed as a dark comedy, it’s certainly not all that funny or dark. Maybe they should have focused a bit more on those aspects?

Nicky is in town for business and gets deliberately conned by Jess into going back to her room, just to see how good she is at it. It turns out she’s not very talented, but he takes her under his wings at the Super Bowl. There, she joins the team and fleeces a load of money from the event. At the end of the job, Nicky leaves her and they go about their lives separately for some time.

Three years later, Nicky is conning his way into the good graces of Garriga, the owner of a racing team with a technical advantage over its competition. His job is to con the competition into being even worse than they currently are. Jess is also in on Barriga, but only for his watch. It is at least a better and more expensive watch than an Apple Watch…

I was surprised this was billed as a comedy, since I only laughed once. It was amusing in some parts, but not funny. It’s also meant to be dark, but the only dark bits are the times when filming takes place at night. Truth be told, I’m not sure what the movie is, and neither did the writers.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie are excellent in their roles, acting to the best of their abilities within the limits of the story. It’s a bit a damp squib, in fairness and the talented cast is kind of wasted on it.

If you’re looking for decent entertainment, maybe something funny and original, might I suggest you try watching episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If you’ve got really low expectations though, Focus might just be the movie for you.



Watch this if you…

Have to watch every Will Smith movie.

Don’t watch this if you…

Have standards.


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