Warning: some enthusiastic activities have unintended consequences

Written by
Graeme Simsion in 2014

Don Tillman is back, with Rosie, and his misadventures continue. Sure, he’s got the wife of his dreams, his life is adjusting to a new semi-schedule and they’re happy in New York. But, there’s a surprise in store for Rosie and Don.

A baby.

Well, they’re having one, and this rings many alarm bells. It immediately throws the professor out with the bathwater, to paraphrase and expression. He’s not exactly been preparing for the potential arrival of a third member of the family, and his coping mechanisms are, shall we say, not very good.

However, his project to understand the mysteries of rearing a child have some pretty funny consequences, being arrested for observing children, having his friend impersonate Rosie, moving into an apartment owned by a rock star and building a sound proof baby cot as a consequence.

The Rosie Effect is probably more of a rollicking adventure than the first book, but I didn’t find it as funny. It’s more heartwarming, sure, but some of the story’s plot could do with logic checks. That Rosie and Don refused to communicate during the entire saga just doesn’t seem to make sense. Either way, it’s an entertaining read.


Heartwarming, hopeful and funny book about the most unprepared man on the planet preparing for fatherhood.

Read this if you…

Need a touch of lightheartedness.

Don’t read this if you…

Don’t like babies.


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