Why does The Rock always get beaten by smaller guys?
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker as Brian O’Connor
Dwayne Johnson as Agent “No Broken Arm Can Stop Me” Hobbs
Michelle Rodriguez as Leticia Ortiz
Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pierce
Chris Bridges as Tej Parker
Nathalie Emmanuel as Megan Ramsey
with Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw
and Kurt Russell as Mr Nobody

Everything about Fast and Furious is going to be different. That’s what you already know when you walk into the cinema. It’s sad that Paul Walker was killed during filming, and a lot of this movie is used to deal with the retirement of Brian O’Connor, and sending him off in style.

Fast and Furious 7 picks up immediately from FF6, with Deckard Shaw threatening Dom as he walks away from the wreck of Han’s car in Tokyo. This is Owen Shaw’s much more capable big brother, and lives up to Jason Statham’s action credentials.

The only irony is that they say Deckard Shaw can get in and out of any secure facility without anyone noticing, but he destroys a hospital when he visits Owen Shaw. I’m pretty sure someone will have noticed that. Ah, whatever, it’s a Fast and Furious movie. It’s about the stunts, the action and the cars.

FF7 does not disappoint. First you have a raid on a convoy with an airdrop of cars. Then, you have Brian O’Connor fighting Tony Jaa (and somehow, Tony Jaa doesn’t win), plus Predator drones, and jumping a supercar through three skyscrapers.

It’s definitely not a serious movie, and how could it be, when Agent Hobbs squeezes his manly muscles and sheds his plaster cast in hospital, before blowing up a helicopter with a Predator drone’s machine gun?

FF7 is the end of an era. Vin Diesel’s lament at the end of the fil of Paul Walker’s departure was definitely tear inducing, but it means that any future instalments will have to rely on a new character to hold the fort and perform the crazy bromance stunts with Vin Diesel. Long live Fast and Furious, because we need more movies like this, insane, physics defying, funny and takes it self not seriously at all.


It’s a Fast and Furious good time.

Watch this if you…

Love cars, a bit of situational comedy and action movies in general.

Don’t watch this if you…

Are really into serious things. Like taxes.


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