Light reading at its lightest

Written by
David Jester (that’s got to be a pseudonym!) in 2012

It’s highly appropriate, given the name of this blod, that I’ve read a book called An Idiot in Love. It promises to be a laught out loud romantic(ish) comedy book. It’s certainly laugh out loud, but I’m not sold on the romantic part of the book.

The story of Kieran McCall is an idiot, not just in love, but in lfe as well. The tale of his romantic escapades is not long, but it is very funny, what with him whipping out his basketball trading cards instead of…something else to impress the ladies with, inadvertently walking into an orgy and staying in a mental hospital for the sake of a good looking doctor being some of his (mis)adventures.

There is a perfectly predictable happy ending, of course, because there wouldn’t be much of a point of a romantic comedy without one of those. Along the way, you will genuinely laugh out loud and wonder just how much of this bloke is based on Steve Stifler.

So put on your laughing face for An Idiot in Love. You’re going to need it.


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