Adding a bit of wild wild west to your transport empire

So Train Fever‘s first DLC has dropped and I’ve been playing a bit of it lately, just to see what’s changed and what’s still the same. It’s also free, which is a plus, and a package that was developed with the support and assistance of the game’s community, which shows the developers listen and understand their customers.

Between the release of the game and the DLC itself, there have been quite a few major patches, which added a few nice things, including working level crossings, better multicore processor support and even a couple of new vehicles. This has helped the game play a lot better, though my aging Phenom II still struggles in the late game with big cities. Not the game’s fault, mind you.

The USA DLC, as you can imagine focuses its attention on transport in North America. With the arrival of the new content comes native modding support, making it much easier to add custom vehicles (which look awesome) to the mix.

The landscape palette has been given a thorough working over, with a desert theme and wild west American buildings and unique vehicles. On the other hand, buildings like stations, stops and depots carry over between both. The variety of vehicles essentially doubles, as you can play a game where the European and American stables are mixed together.

The USA DLC adds some variety to Train Fever. Given it’s free, and made in parellel with the incremental patching and support of the developers ensures the game can only get better. If you have Train Fever, this DLC really is a no brainer.


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