If only medieval siege machines were as impractical…

Besiege is still in its beta stage on Steam, and as such this review is purely based on a section of the game, which promises mayhem on the kind of level that most people have never really thought about.

Let’s face it, Steam has been great for gaming. It’s allowed people to explore niches that have never been explored before, and the rush of freeform building games has been a case in point. Besiege explores the niche of building siege machines to take down specific targets and structures. For this purpose, you have different blocks and you can build whatever you fancy out of those blocks.

I bet you’ve never wanted to explore your inner medieval army commander before, have you? Well, here’s your chance. Currently, the beta allows you to play through the first fifteen levels (of increasing difficulty) with basic blocks.

The game is pretty simple. Build your attacking machine, get to or destroy the objective and move on. There are no points for efficiency, or even ridiculousness, as the below video, and this link demonstrates. Ridiculousness is very satisfying, however.

This is one hell of a fun game, and it’s easy enough to play and experiment with just what you think a good siege weapon is. Thankfully, it’s also pretty cheap, and looks to be of great quality in terms of presentation and the lack of bugs.


Highly recommended freeform construction game

Play this if you…

Have a penchant for destroying buildings with ridiculous machines

Don’t play this if you…

Are a civil engineer


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