Multiplayer Dragon Age seems like a good idea, but…

Everyone sort of wondered just how a Mass Effect game could pull off multiplayer. I mean, you’re basically doing something that is the antithesis of a story rich single player RPG. Everyone was mildly surprised when it turned out multiplayer was pretty damn good. Well, except the store. That was pretty sh!te (mainly because I always got crap gear). I digress.

Bioware then announced that multiplayer co-op was going to be available for Inquisition as well. Similar to Mass Effect 3‘s system of randomly generated loot, plus some crafting and twelve initial classes, it seemed to be a better evolved version of its predecessor’s.

But, well, it kind of isn’t. I don’t know why, but I just get bored of it so quickly. I suppose it’s because so far, none of the classes and powers are any different to those in single player. And quite frankly, single player is far more fun. For a start, there’s no lag. When it bugs out, it’s pretty funny. In multiplayer, when it bugs out, you can’t complete the mission, so you have to quit and can’t gain XP.

Also, the multiplayer loot system is even more grindy than Mass Effect 3‘s grindy loot system. I think the issue with Inquisition multiplayer is that there are far too many weapons to choose from, and not enough differentiation between them. For example, in Mass Effect 3, you had your three tiers of weapons, from normal to godly. You understood that the Black Widow sniper rifle was the bee’s knees and you’d yearn to get it to a high level.

In Inquisition, there are hundreds of weapons, most of them of the common/crap variety, and you have no ability to get a schematic to craft something good. Even worse, you can’t craft better, more protective armours, so essential at higher difficulty levels.

Anyway, I hope that multiplayer succeeds. It certainly has potential, and is, in very short stints, reasonably fun. It’s just too grindy though, and the bugs that were introduced in recent patches mean that nearly one out of two matches I’ve been in have ended due to things not working properly. I’m sure content and patches are on their way, but some patience is needed.


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