Man Jake Gyllenhaal is an awesome actor


Let’s face it,

Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom
Rene Russo as Nina Romina
Riz Ahmed as Rick Carey
Bill Paxton as Bill Loder
with Ann Cusack as Linda
and Kevin Rahm as Frank Kruse

Let’s face it, television news in America is terrible. Blame Fox. Actually, so is news in Australia, if you watch anything made by the commercial stations. Facts are wrong, things are taken out of context, and sensationalism is the word of the day. However, people lap it up, because it’s local and safe. It makes them feel better, but still gives them that level of caution about some nebulous threat to their comfortable lives.

Nightcrawler peers into this seedy world of desperation and hopelessness. Not to be confused with the comic book superhero, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Louis Bloom, a thief making a living off pinching scrap metal from wherever he can find it. Then, he discovers that he can make lots of money by filming things like car accidents and crime scenes, making a motza from human misery.

This movie goes to many, many dark places. The scene of a car accident where the occupants have been thrown out of the car, likely to be dead or seriously injured. A drive by shooting at a home, bullet holes in the fridge and windows.

We’re taken there by Gyllenhaal’s Louis Bloom, a character I wanted to punch repeatedly, because he’s such an arse. But you know what? Credit to Gyllenhaal, because he plays the dark sociopath so convincingly in this movie. Everyone else is just a sideshow compared to Bloom’s mad dash to be the best freelance news cameraman ever.

Similarly, the movie is almost entirely set at night, when the most “interesting” stories happen, to lead into people’s mornings. You almost want to punch the producer of the news items themselves, for a completely self aware lack of humanity. It’s a ratings battle, and someone has to win it at all costs.

I won’t pull punchs here. Nightcrawler is not an easy movie to watch. Frankly, it’s unsettling. It tries to humanise the nameless victims of crime and circumstance, thrusting them in your face so they’re not anonymous people you gawk at on the news. It also begs you to think whether you would be comfortable with being exposed at your most vulnerable moments so publicly.


Dark, gritty and wonderfully realised characters you just love to hate

Watch this if you…

Love the dark and back street alley type scenarios

Don’t watch this if you…

Like romantic comedies. This is the exact opposite of that type of thing


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