Colin Firth? As an action hero? It’s almost perfect!

Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Taron Egerton as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin
Michael Caine as Arthur
Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine
with Sophie Cookson as Roxy
and Sofia Boutella as Gazelle

Kingsman: The Secret Service is another crazy comedy action movie from the people who made Kick Ass. I thought Kick Ass was a pretty good, refreshing rethink on the superhero movie. So is Kingsman the same for spy movies?

We start the movie with Eggsy, a downtrodden teenager living with his mother and abusive boyfriend. His father was killed in the short prologue, bravely sacrificing himself in a live training exercise for his comrades.

Eggsy gets in trouble with the law when he steals a car and uses it in a car chase, but he calls a number he is given as a kid, and Harry Hart comes to his rescue. He’s given the option of becoming a Kingsman, a super secret spy agency with access to super secret resources. Of course, the choice is simple, learn to fight, gain some power, use it responsibly and get out of the crappy life he’s got now.

In the meantime, there is a scheme being hatched to destroy (nearly) all humans by Richmond Valentine, a cross between Jamie Oliver, Justine Bieber and Steve Jobs, played by Samuel L. Jackson. His plan is to basically reset humanity’s influence on the planet by killing everyone with SIM cards. Well, technically it’s a bit more complicated than that, but it’s a comic book movie, so the results are hilarious.

Kingsman has the same kind of over the top violence that Kick Ass brought to cinemas, aware that it’s not supposed to be your typical spy movie. It kicks quite a few tropes out, including the part where the bad guy tells the hero his plans and sets up an elaborate trap in which to kill him, only for the hero to escape. This doesn’t happen at all.

Admittedly, the movie is probably a little thin in the middle, but the funny bits are spread throughout its running time, and most are actually not gags like you’d get from an Austin Powers movie. They’re well written into the script itself and feel very natural. And seriously, Colin Firth, beating up hooligans in a pub. Colin. Firth. In fact, the rest of the cast do a pretty good job, hamming it up together as if it was an especially serious movie.

As comedy action movies go, this is exactly what’s needed. Sure, a new James Bond is coming out later this year, but this is the sort of light hearted spy movie we’ve been missing for some time. That and more Austin Powers.

Check out the trailer

Five out of five exploding SIM cards

Watch this if you…

Enjoyed the bonkers action and strangely offbeat Kick Ass

Don’t watch this if you…

Are too grown up for pub brawls


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