Woah man. What the hell is going on here?!

So I’ve finally managed to finish Inquisition, albeit with huge swathes of the game still outstanding and unexplored. I’ve only killed three dragons, decided to ignore parts of Emprise du Lion, the Emerald Graves and gave up trying to open the Solasan Temple. But after a certain point in the game, unless you’re absolutely going for a completionist playthrough, you’ll either get sick of the lack of mid-game storyline missions, are completely over levelled…or both.

So my thoughts on the end and the end-end of the single player campaign? Well, to be honest, I thought that Coryphy-fish was a bit easy to beat. Either my party was completely over levelled, which it probably was, the boss fight was easier than expected, which it was, or that the game felt like it was missing some fundamental narrative set pieces to build up the final stand off, I don’t know. Perhaps it was a combination of all those factors.

However, I am fascinated by the possiblities of that post credits scene. I always suspected Blackwall was a bit off before his personal quest, but I didn’t expect Solas to be…well, someone completely unexpected. I wonder just what Bioware has planned for Thedas, because the twist just adds so many new questions.

Bioware did a really bang up job with presenting the threat of Coryphy-tit at your nearly final stand in Haven. Big dragon, crazy-mutant-magister, big army of either Red Templars or Venatori. The rest of the game, though, doesn’t really make you face any of these threats head on with your supposedly enormous army. Well, except for that part in the Arbor Wilds, which doesn’t actually show anything.

There are quite a few areas that could have been better integrated into the storyline, which is ultimately about dismantling Coryphynus’ power base and taking what resources he builsa away from him. But to only include three major storyline missions before the end game seems fairly unbalanced to me, especially since you can only access a lot of the areas after you get to Skyhold.

This gripe doesn’t stop me from going back and replaying the game. I’d love to try out more of the specialisations, particularly in the mage trees. Knight Enchanter sounds nice, as does Rift Mage. Stay tuned as I try out more of the classes and have a taste of the different specialisations!


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