Look, Tony, everybody was very dubious about your bringing back knighthoods and dames. Firstly, because the knights don’t actually don shiny armour and ride out on a steed with a lance to smite our enemies. We have these things called F/A-18 Hornets for that job.

Secondly, who thought it would be a fantastic idea to give one of these limited honours (two per year), to a bumbling old bloke who happened to marry the queen? What’s he actually done for this country? You defend him by saying, well, he opened the 1956 Olympic Games nearly sixty years ago.

Woopty frickin’ doo. Why not honour him for taking in a dump on our shores too? There very little effort required to open the Olympic Games.

At least Sir Angus Houston deserves his award through service to this country. I can’t say the same for Phil. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but there are plenty of nice guys in Australia who should have received a knighthood ahead of him.


2 thoughts on “It’s a great joke…wait, he’s serious?!

  1. it’s not even that – he’s being honoured for his services to the country… By what, keeping Her Maj occupied? Half Greek Half Danish living in a palace in the UK, total anachronism for Australian life, already with 3 other knighthoods and already a companion of the order of Australia, and they’ve got to lay another “honour” on him? Tony hasn’t so much shot himself in the foot as set a sawn off shotgun at his chin, pointed it at his legs and pulled the trigger.

    • What I was surprised by was how readily everyone embraced him, as if he was the saviour.

      One thing I was wrong about Abbott: I always thought he was Australia’s G. W. Bush. Sadly, I think I’ve done old Dubya an injustice. He was never this bad at the job.

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