Saving the Wardens’ privates…and the world at large

I just knew stupid weird shit was going to happen with the Grey Wardens. I mean, disappearing at the start of the game is great and all, but at the end of Dragon Age 2, when you “killed” Corypheus Copy #1324, there had to be a long term consequence of letting the prick out of his Grey Warden prison.

Now, he’s using his powers to manipulate the Grey Wardens into doing some pretty desperate and crazy things. Like summoning demons with blood magic. Because that’s always such a good idea. I have to wonder though, there are other Grey Wardens out there. Surely, someone would have thought to contact their brethren elsewhere and ask: “hey guys, what do you think of this idea?”

Despite the dumb idea born of desperation, the mission sequence you embark upon in this major campaign event is fantastic. If there’s one thing BioWare known how to write and design, it’s major battles and emotionally riveting scenes. I couldn’t escape the irony that the Inquisition, the world’s current hope for regaining order from chaos and stopping demons is commencing a major assault on the Grey Wardens, an organisation built to stop chaos and demons…

I might think that looking at the main storyline quests, eleven missions is pretty short. Yes, some of the main story missions are really short. But others, like this one and the Orlesian ball in the last diary, are extremely long and satisfying. Mainly because you don’t just lay siege to a fortress, win and go home. Here, you actually revisit The Fade, face a massive spider-demon-thing, and have to make a very difficult decision to sacrifice one of two well loved characters. Or, depending on what happened in Origins, someone you probably hated. No spoilers right?

Actually, the bit in The Fade is the best part of this mission. Because you find out so much about your companions from the Fear Demon’s conversations. It’s very clever writing from BioWare, and to top it off, the environment is creepy and surreal. Very much like the dream world that the Fade is meant to be.

As a mission, stopping the Grey Wardens from summoning a demon army has to be the second best storyline quest after the defence against Corypheus’ attack on Haven in Dragon Age Inquisition. There are just so many revelations, intense moments and hard choices. I’m in the final leg of this game’s storyline now. Onward we go!


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