You’d think that people close to Bryan Mills would understand not to mess with him by now?

Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills
Maggie Grace as Kim Mills
Famke Janssen as Lenore St John
Forest Whitaker as Franck Dotzler
and Dougray Scott as Stuart St John

The tag line to this movie is “it ends here”. Which is pretty meaningless, because nothing really ends here, apart from Lenore’s character, thereby sparking the events of the third Taken. Scepticism about how good the movie is aside, the first two Takens were pretty decent action movies in their own right, so I thought it would be good to catch number three.

After the events of Taken 2, Bryan and his ex-wife Lenore are rebuilding their relationship, and their daughter Kim is all grown up. She’s attending college and reasonably happy that her parents are at least warm with each other. Until Lenore is killed, with her father apparently framed for her murder.

Bryan isn’t going to take arrest and charges lying down, and with his particular set of skills, he sets off once again to protect his family and exact his brand of justice and vengeance, by hunting down, and offing the perp. I think you can figure out where the movie is going here, so I doubt you’ll find many surprises in the formulaic story.

What is surprising, is the introduction of the new Shaky CamTM, which really messes up what you’re seeing (or rather, not seeing) on screen. While Shaky CamTM has its place in cinema (in a found footage movie where everyone is running away from some giant monster), it detracts from the action. Rather like Michael Bay detracts from any script ever written.

There are also issues with the resolution of some of the action sequences in the movie with physically impossible events. The first is when Bryan manages to get out of a car that has fallen into an elevator well, which proceeds to explode. He also manages to jump to safety out of a car falling off a steep hill after getting rammed off the road. And then there’s the bit where a plane already taking off stupidly stops flying when its forward landing gear is taken out by a Porsche.

I don’t mind action set pieces, but some of them are frankly stupid and ridiculous. This is not supposed to be a Fast and Furious movie. The first two movies did very well with exploring the dark and seedy lairs of criminals, without any over the top action scenes that defied belief. That Taken 3 incorporates dumb action sequences leaves the movie that much poorer for it.

Taken 3 is not going to win any prestigious awards or garner any specific praise. However, it is unashamedly brash, dumb, full of action, and full of plotholes (similar to the first two). Like how Bryan manages to walk free after murdering a whole bunch of people. Or discharging firearms in public, assaulting police officers and resisting arrest. Or trespassing on to an airport. But, hey, it’s an action movie. It doesn’t have to make sense, as long as you enjoy it.

Check out the trailer

It’s a decent action movie, but it’s definitely not as good as the first two in the Taken series.

Watch this if you…

Love Liam Neeson and liked the first two movies.

Don’t watch this if you…

Want everything to actually make sense in a movie. Then again, you wouldn’t watch any action movies if that was a preprequisite.


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