I…don’t really understand anything that happens in this movie. Apart from Thor’s abs

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
Anthony Hopkins as Odin
Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Stellan Skarsgard as Erik Selvig
Idris Elba as Heimdall
and Kat Dennings as Darcy

So, I’ve only managed to watch this movie now, after The Avengers and, at last, the background to that movie now makes sense. On the other hand, this movie really doesn’t make much sense, with the introduction of Nine Realms, the magical-yet-technological Asgardians who are sometimes gods and sometimes mortal. Marvel, you can only ever have it one way or another.

The movie begins with something about killing Frost Giants and then shows Thor growing up from a curious and wild eyed boy to a proud and wild eyed prick. Same thing goes for Loki, though one wonders just what caused him to become such a conniving little sh!t. If I were Odin, Thor, or any one of the Asgardians, I would have killed him at the first opportunity.

Essentially, this movie is an origins story for Thor. Except that he already has all of his powers. So obviously, the writers decide that they need to strip him of the powers first, ensuring that he learns how to be a good human/god, before giving them back to him in some spectacular way. Which is sadly not very spectacular in this movie.

Also, Loki’s plan to usurp the throne from Thor is exceedingly stupid. Let’s get Thor banished, then allow the enemy into Asgard so that you can kill the enemy and take the throne while daddy is sleeping? The hell kind of idiot makes a plan that is so enormously complicated that it’s doomed to fail? Wouldn’t it have been easier to get Thor banished and then get Odin to name you his successor?

Thankfully, Thor, like its Marvel siblings, has a great sense of humour and comic timing, which is used very effectively to break up your wandering “what the frak is going on?!” For instance, when Darcy calls Mjolnir “Meu-Meu”, you know it will become an in-joke.

Anyway, despite a lot of the nonsensical plot elements, of which there are enough to fill the Nine Realms, Thor is a  mildly pleasant action movie that acts as a set up point for The Avengers, which was plainly awesome. At least the parts of The Avengers that didn’t make a lot of sense now do. I just wish that this movie made sense of itself.


Well, it’s not that bad. But it’s also not very good. It’s forgettable compared to some of the other Marvel movies.

Watch this if you…

Are a Marvel comics fan and you need to be a completionist.

Don’t watch this if you…

Like to ask the question “why is this happening?”


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