So far, season three shows confidence and promise


Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn as Cpt. Thomas Gregson
Jon Michael Hill as Det. Marcus Bell
with Ophelia Lovibond as Kitty Winter

Let’s face it, the end of season two of Elementary was as weak and uninspiring as Mr Burns trying to steal candy from a baby. I mean, the highly convoluted relationship/storyline between Joan Watson and Mycroft was so unrealistic I nearly gave up on it. Thankfully, it appears that season three is here to redeem itself.

As an indication that the writers knew the Holmes and Watson relationship of old, where Holmes was the mentor and Watson the student, was getting very stale, season three picks up about six months after the end of season two. The relationship between Holmes and Watson is reset somewhat, with Holmes picking up a new student, Kitty Winter with her own past and motivations.

In between the seasons, Watson has decided to become her own master, running a successful consultancy herself, still assisting the New York police with crimes they can’t normally solve, as well as more mundane commercial contracts. This leads to some interesting dynamics with Holmes, but the two easily become friends and partners again.

The introduction of Kitty is a breath of fresh air, because she’s quite hilarious and blunt. The triumvirate betwee Sherlock, Holmes and Kitty will be interesting to explore. The cases-of-the-week themselves are also reasonably interesting so far, with would-be druglords, mathematicians and others so far.

Hopefully, season three continues on with its strong opening, with interesting developments for Elementary‘s Holmes and Watson. It is at least one of the better shows out there in television land. It might even tide me over until season five of Game of Thrones!


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