You got to hand it to the Conservatives in the United Kingdom. Even though they’re nominally just politicians, they at least have some idea of what the word science means. Hell, they even appear to have mastered the ability to comprehend basic principles in science!

Sadly, our Prime Minister doesn’t understand science, doesn’t want to find out about science and just wants to ensure that everybody gets to breath that nice sooty ash you get when you burn coal. That’s progress, right Tony? No, actually. It’s just plain embarrassing, especially when you need Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and Xi Jinping to tell you you’re acting stupid.


3 thoughts on “Come on man, get on with it

  1. The problem is serious. Pitifully because of the bad language I could not say I like your posting, though the message is very important. It could have had more impact without such writings as ‘Tony D… D… .

      • But having such incompetent leaders it is perhaps more valuable to attack them with more intelligent words than they are using to be able to reach those who have to see the idiocy and danger for the next generation citizens.

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