The Stanley Parable

This is not your typical dream/nightmare world

Look, I know that the Stanley Parable was released a while back, and yes, it’s not so much a game, as a life changing compilation of computer code. Well, for Stanley anyway, not so much for myself, who looks upon it as a great and innovative piece of programming which makes you think while you laugh.

You are Stanley, a guy who works in a company, hidden away in some back office pressing buttons. Somehow, he’s satisfied with his lot in life and enthusiastically presses the buttons he is told to, day in, day out. Until one day, he realises (after an hour or so) that everyone’s abandoned the building and left him to his own devices. No instructions to push buttons today Stan!

The game is not so much of a game, rather a stream of sarcastic and humorous monologue from the narrator, delivered by the brilliant Kevan Brighting. The monologue is delievered whenever Stanley makes a choice (or follows the narrator) and finds his way through the myriad paths available through his abandoned office building, only to get to the end and…well, I won’t spoil it here.

This is a short sharp review of a game that is not-a-game, but an interesting experiment in tree diagrams. Say what you will about it being low budget or “different”, but I like different and you’ll love The Stanley Parable if you like offbeat humour.


A surprisingly good time, and cheap, if you get it on sale from Steam.

Play this if you…

Don’t mind something off the beaten track, smart and gives you laughs by the bucket load.

Don’t play this if you…

Need pew-pew in your games.


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