The movie made by America’s comedy dream team


James Franco, Seth Rogen, Emma Watson, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and everyone else as themselves

How would you like to face the end of the world? If your answer to this question is to spend your last precious hours partying, high and with your best mates, then you have the same idea as these guys, and I’d say that’s a pretty good way to go out.

Jay Baruchel lands in LA, ready to hang out with Seth Rogen. Unfortunately, Rogen gets bored and they go visit James Franco’s new house, as he’s having a house warming party. There, a whole bunch of the best comedians and comic actors in America are having A Good Time.

In the midst of having this good time, the apocalypse happens and nearly everyone is killed, apart from six people left in the house. Survival is the main aim of the game, but silly antics and bad jokes are still the main result.

Look, I happen to like all of the cast (except Rihanna), acting up and goofing around. I think it’s probably one of those movies you only get to make once in a decade, especially with the number of busy people in it. But if this is supposed to be a comedy, why wasn’t it very funny? Sure, there are funny bits in there, like all the tension between Baruchel and Hill, and some situational stuff was reasonably good.

But a lot of the comedy was pretty childish and a little bit in poor taste, like the bit where everyone is discussing Emma Watson being the only woman who survives the end of the world. If you’re able to sit through some of the cringeworthy bits though, it’s a passable comedy movie.

This is The End should have been the best comedy movie since…well ever. But sometimes, you think that maybe comics and comic actors should really do their own material. This movie is made by six of the funniest people in the world, and their friends, but it just didn’t turn out that funny. Maybe they needed some alone time, to prepare themselves for the end of the world?


Could have been better, but when you have a movie made by these guys, it won’t exactly be crap.

Watch this because you…

Are fans of the six leads. There are some decently funny moments between the characters.

Don’t watch this is you…

Are a fan of Emma Watson. Not. Enough. Emma. Also, it’s not as funny as you think.


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