If there’s one thing that any Serious Sam game should be remembered for, it’s the headless kamikaze bombers. Those guys would home in on you while shouting at the top of their…er…fake voice boxes in great hordes. That, plus the rest of the legions of aliens Serious Sam goes up against, are precursors to the hilarious and absurd nature of the series.

Apparently, this newest one, Serious Sam 3: BFE (which stands for Before the First Encounter) is actually a prequel. This is a title that is so ridiculously redundant, you’d be foolish to expect anything other than insanity. This is something the game delivers in spades above anything else.

Serious Sam is about as manly as Duke Nukem, but thankfully manages to keep the misogyny in his cheesy one liners to a minimum. Instead, he reserves his most potent lines and powers of persuasion (ie. his guns) for the enemy, the strange alien hordes of Lord Mental, who is invading Earth. His mission is to find some way to stop Mental from ever getting to Earth in the first place.

Really, the storyline is irrelevant here. What is relevant is the large open spaces in which Sam fights his battles against the alien monsters. Fan favourites like the headless bombers and the skeletal horse/demon hybrids make a return, aand some interesting new bosses are introduced. Above all else, though, the guns are back and better than ever.

The only downside to playing any Serious Sam game, is the monotony of mowing down alien monsters. Yes, it’s fun, but shooting a big monster or a small monster is pretty much the same process. You just need more bullets for one. To that end, it might be a game that you only play for a short time when you need a mindless escape.

Serious Sam 3 BFE is an exercise in entertaining frustration and insanity. The AI of the monster legions is…well, non existent, but you’ll have enough to deal with anyway, given the numbers that appear on screen at any time. Because of this, Serious Sam 3 BFE is hilarious fun, resulting in lots of shouting and even more virtual ammo wastage.


A seriously good time, espcially with a few mates.

Play this if you…

Like shooters and don’t need engrossing story lines or top notch AI to enjoy your gaming.

Don’t play this if you…

Like CoD. Actually, on second thought, you should, because you’re a mindless person anyway and your personality suits the AI.


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