Not to be confused with the post-apocalyptic computer game of the same name.


Maggie Queueueueueue as Lt. Det. Beth Davis
Dylan McDermott as Det. Jack Larson
Maria Klaveno as Det. Janice Lawrence
Victor Rasuk as Det. Ben Caldwell
and Elisabeth Rohm as Deputy District Attorney Amanda Tate

Part of me wonders if it’s wrong to judge a new show or movie by the lead cast. I think it’s wrong, but for some reason, I just can’t stand Maggie Q. Maybe it’s because she was the lead actress in that terrible game Need for Speed: Undercover.

Anyway, this series is, as you may have guessed from its name, focuses primarily on criminals stalking people, celebrities and normal people alike. Like many police dramas, it follows the basic Perp-of-the-Week format, with a little bit of crime scene investigation thrown in. The cases have ranged from the mundane, such as episode two, to actually reasonably interesting, as per the pilot.

Having watched the first couple of episodes of season one, there are some intriguing aspects of the show, but ultimately, what you have is a typical procedural cop show. Whether or not the crimes involved are stalking, murder, harrassment or some combination thereof, it’s still about making sure the baddies are punished and the goodies triumph. The subject matter can get quite dark, especially as some of it involves sexual violence against women.

Ultimately, shows like this live and die on the core story lines about their characters, and in this case, they’re not particularly likeable. There’s the typical lead strong female, who has come through a major case of her own stalking. The male offsider was such a prick that his ex-partner is unwilling to let him see his son. So…ironically, he stalks them. Finally, there’s the comic relief and supporting characters, most of which are typically useless.

Stalker, while based on interesting premises and a more unique and niche crime, devolves into a typical police crime drama. Not much is new, and what should be an interesting type of crime to be analysed, is treated like a CSI episode. The cast is also slightly annoying, with an emotionless Maggie Q and smarmy Dylan McDermott leading the way. Hopefully, it gets better, but so far, not much is encouraging. Bring on more Elementary.


Disappointingly derivative, but some of the cases should be interesting. A few small jump scares included.

Watch this if you…

Find police dramas about murder boring. Then realise that this isn’t all too different anyway.

Don’t watch this if you…

Don’t like police dramas. Or if you like interesting characters. Or if you don’t want to watch a show with humourless people.


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