Sadly, we don’t get any gravelly Batman voice yet, because Bruce Wayne is yet to hit puberty


Ben McKenzie as Det. James Gordon
Donal Logue as Det. Harvey Bullock
Jada Pinkett-Smith as Fish Mooney
Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth
with David Mazouz as Mini Bruce Wayne
and Camrin Bicondova as Selina “Cat” Kyle

Finally, with Gotham, we get the Batman television series we deserve. As a prequel to any Batman movie and television series, Gotham is supposed to serve as a background story to all of the iconic characters, good and bad, that the Dark Knight deals with in protecting Gotham City from itself.

The first few episodes have been good, a Villian-of-the-Week, plus storylines introducing some of the future super criminals of Gotham, like Penguin and The Riddler. Even Catwoman, or, at this point, Catgirl, features prominently. We even get stubborn angry Bruce Wayne as a child, with an equally stubborn Alfred looking after him. Whoever cast Sean Pertwee for Alfred deserves a bonus, because he’s hilarious!

The early partnership between Harvey Bullock and Gordon is examined, through the juxtaposition of corruption (Bullock) and pure goodness (Gordon), and you can tell that this grudging partnership is going to break down at some point. The casting of the series, in general, is pretty spot on, especially with Jada Pinkett-Smith hamming it up as Fish Mooney. A Lot!

Gotham, the city, is as dark and foreboding as you expect it to be, full of gothic and art-deco architecture, the perfect atmosphere for the mafia and dirty deals. It has a wonderful personality, the wealthy are well isolated from the social problems, while ordinary citizens have to put up with the city’s sickness on a daily basis.

On first impressions, Gotham is a great watch. A well rounded cast, rich opportunities for character development, and an almost Hollywood level of budget for stunts and sets makes for a series with as much potential as a gold rush. Hopefully, it stays this way throughout its first season.

Check out the trailer


Wonderfully done series with great portrayals of classic characters.

Watch this if you…

Love Batman (obviously), but want to find out more about the history of characters. Alternatively, you like crime dramas.

Don’t watch this if you…

I can’t say I can think of a good reason why. Maybe if you think that Mini-Bruce Wayne is annoying in his teenage years? Honestly, there’s not that much of him.


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