Fans of Dance Dance Revolution and Space Invaders, knock yourselves out!

Writing a review for niche indie games like Rythm Destruction means that you’ll likely end up with a short, sharp review. And…truth be told, this is a short and sharp review, because at its core, Rythm Destruction is one of those games that you play as a distraction when you’re Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, who needs a break after being all moral and paragony.

Rythm Destruction is, like most vertical scrolling shooters, quite a busy game. You have to dodge ships, their bullets and environmental obstacles while still shooting back. The trick is that you don’t shoot everything, because you can’t. Instead, you’re supposed to press the arrow keys in time to the electronic music in the background, allowing you to destroy specific ships. On easy, you don’t have to shoot very much, you can instead concentrate on dodging incoming fire or the obstacles.

As the difficulty rachets up though, you have more to contend with and, if you have as much coordination as I do, you’ll rapidly lose all your lives. It’s a pretty challenging game if you want it to be, and thankfully, the music tracks to which you time your destructive pulses are reasonably melodic and sometimes even soothing. A lot of them are of the easier listening electronica type, ala Chicane.

If you’re looking for a distraction, Rythm Destruction might well be what you need. It’s different, slightly contemplative and reasonably fun. And thus ends a short, sharp review!


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