It’s a trap! A mazy trap!


Dylan O’Brien as Thomas
Aml Ameen as Alby
Kaya Scodolario as Teresa
Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt
Ki Hong Lee as Minho
with Will Poulter as Gally
and Blake Cooper as Chuck

Stupid acronyms are stupid. Who the hell comes up with World Catastrophe Killzone Department (WCKD)?! Maybe the author of the book was stung by his own creations or went a bit nuts during a bender. Either way, I hate stupid acronyms. However, despite STupid Acronym Handcream Paralysis (STAHP – look, I can do it too!), The Maze Runner proves to be a good movie, though not quite as good as that other teenage science fiction dystopian series, The Hunger Games. Actually, maybe it’s just because Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.

Anyway, we begin the movie with Thomas being lifted in a cage into The Glade, complete with total anmesia and disorientation. Alby, the leader of the small community in The Glade, tells Thomas what they’ve managed to piece together in the three years of their life there, walled in by The Maze on all sides. Every day, the door to The Maze opens in the morning and shuts at night, allowing safe exploration beyond the giant walls in daylight.

After a couple of days in The Glade, Thomas is given the job of dirt shoveller. As he’s dispatched to find some fertilizer, he’s attacked by one of the Maze Runners, Ben who was somehow stung by a Griever, a half mechanical spider, half mouldy Rancor during the day while he was in the maze. As this has never happened before, Gally, the big tough bully, suspects Thomas’ arrival is a portent of doom for his happy life in The Glade.

The next day, Alby volunteers to run The Maze too, but he’s also been stung by a Griever. Thomas manages to save Alby and Mingo during the night and returns a hero. However, this changes things further, when Teresa is thrown into The Glade. With her is a note telling everyone that she’s the last soul to enter. Thomas realizes that this means the end for them all and follows Minho into the maze with salvaged Griever components to try to find a way out. Successful their return may be, but that night they face their greatest challenge, when Grivers are set loose upon them at night.

The Maze Runner is a thoroughly enjoyable movie, even if you’re a fully grown adult. The cast do their jobs quite well and the design of the maze, its monsters and the dystopian future are exactly what you’d expect, stark, utilitarian, and frightening in the case of the Grievers. The design of the maze itself, is pretty cool, with changeable sections and jumping puzzles that even Mario and Luigi would find challenging. The thing is though, I wonder if Thomas and the rest of the kids will figure out that the happy end is indeed, a trap. Because as Thomas, Newt and the others are airlifted out of The Maze, one thought should have struck them. If these guys had helicopters, why did they wait until we got out to rescue us? They could easily have flown in and gotten everyone out at any time.

If you have a chance to catch The Maze Runner, do try to watch it. It’s better than what I expected it to be, and is actually quite entertaining. The story is engrossing, and has a good setup, despite silly acronym disease. Finally, the action is well done and skips unnecessary levels of gore, mainly for the benefit of the audience.

Check out the trailer


Surprisingly good teenage action dystopian movie. It’s a pretty dark and depressing universe though.

Should I watch this?

You should catch this before it finishes its run at the cinemas if you like mysetrious dystopian settings.


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