Sometimes, I am amazed at humanity’s infinite capacity to bitch-‘n-moan. I mean, seriously, people get a free album from Apple via their iTunes account and…they complain about it? Is this what first world problems have amounted to?

In the midst of atrocities, civil war, famine, disease and poverty, people have the temerity to complain about getting a free music album from a band that has stayed together since its inception for over thirty years?! It might not be their best work, but man, a middling album by U2 beats most of the turgid, fermenting, piles of crap that comes out of the music industry these days. For instance, we have to put up with:

  • Justine Bieber and his absolute crap music and even worse attempts at being an adult,
  • Taylor Swift bemoaning how all her former boyfriends are useless twats,
  • Delta Goodrem…well, whatever the hell she complains about,
  • Miley Cyrus and her damned tongue,
  • Nicki Minaj doing who knows what, but it’s not music,
  • One Direction sadly not taking the directions given to them assisting them to hell

There’s lots of good music out there, thanks to great songwriters and singers like Lorde and bands like Coldplay. Hey, U2 may not be to your taste, but some of the outrage that was expressed on the internet was the kind of rage that should be reserved for the atrocities that is happening to innocent civilians in the Middle East. Get some damned perspective people.

This video says it best, I think.


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