Ivan Locke shows you just how important it is to live by your principles, while not wearing a seatbelt on the M6


Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke
One BMW X5 as The Bluetooth Device
The M6 Motorway as the long road
and Disembodied voices as the other characters

How far are you willing to go for your principles? How can you fix your mistakes? Would you be willing face down incalculable loss to “do the right thing?” This movie is about the one mistake that Ivan Locke made some months ago, and what he is willing to do to atone for that mistake. Along the way, he faces the complete destruction of his perfect, happy life in a ninety minute movie. Prepare to question your courage in Locke.

I tend to think that courage is not limited to whether or not someone is willing to face death or pain. It’s more than that. It’s about sacrifice and facing up to mistakes you’ve made, big or small. For example, Ivan Locke has just finished his shift at a new building site, and he’s on his way home. But he suddenly decides to go the opposite direction, and in the midst of this journey, he makes a series of phone calls that will change the course of his life forever.

Now, I won’t spoil the story or the surprise, needless to say that despite there only being one actor ever on the screen, it still manages to be gripping. It’s all in the dialogue in the phone calls, and the tension building, as Ivan drives along the M6 without his seatbelt on. As we watch Locke’s world falling down around him, and he tries to rescue the pieces of it that he can, you ask whether he deserves all of this for one mistake, whether acting on principle is worth it for all the damage it causes.

This may be a short review of a four character movie, where only one of the characters is ever visible. We never see Ivan’s children, or wife or mates at work. But they’re all there, a phone call away as he speeds away from them into a new phase of his life. The ending is left ambiguous, but hopeful. Maybe he finds a measure of forgiveness as time moves on, maybe he doesn’t. In the end though, it will get better, as things always do.


Surprisingly gripping and interesting movie

Should I watch this?

It’s not exactly a date night movie, so maybe chalk it down as something unconventional to watch when the missus is not around. Or the kids. The dog’s ok though, since they’ll love you no matter what.


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