B-grade warm up to Fast Seven


Paul Walker as Brian O’Connor’s less cool twin, Damien Collier
David Belle as Lino, a master at the art of running away
RZA as Tremaine Alexander, a typical bad guy with a heart of gold
with Catalina Denis as Lola

Brick Mansions is the late Paul Walker’s final completed film, which made watching it slightly nostalgic. Sadly, he never did finish Fast and Furious 7 before he met his untimely demise, but having said that, it is still a film that I’m sure will be very much worth watching. Brick Mansions is probably what you’d come to expect from a Paul Walker movie, his character is a cop, there’s crime or some sort of bad guy to take out. In the midst of it, there’s fighting, guns, cars and beautiful women. Oh, there’s also a predictable, happy ending.

Set in yet another dystopian Detroit, much like the craphole it is today, Brick Mansions details the adventures of Damien Collier, a cop who’s out for justice/revenge because his father, also a cop was shot in a raid into the Brick Mansions area, a walled up and impoverished part of Detroit. Now, if anyone has ever seen the film District 13, this movie is exactly the same. Right down to the displays of the now ubiquitous French Art of Running Away, parkour. Hell, the parkour is performed by the same guy, David Belle, in both movies! Yes, this is a film that is truly imaginative.

Look, maybe I’m being a bit harsh on the movie, the action is still pretty cool, the stunts by Belle are excellent and the movie is still fun to watch, though the storyline is pedestrian and mundane. It feels like the sort of thing you’d finish up with on Captain Planet (he’s a hero!) when you were still just a wee kid. In terms of the cast, there’s not much to say really, there’s Walker’s signature stare/gaze when a closeup is required, RZA really hams up the baddy and David Belle…doesn’t exert any effort to explain why is there a French dude living in Detroit.

Funnily enough, there’s not much to say about Brick Mansions. It is an undeniably fun, action filled dumb movie with dimensionless characters, soggy storyline, plotholes and good looking people. This is probably the best summation of the movie, in which lots of stuff happens, only to have an anticlimatic finish. Kind of like going to McDonald’s and thinking that just this once, the burger will actually look like the ones in the ads. Actually, now that I think about it, McDonald’s is about the right sort of comparison to this movie. You have this illogical craving for it, it’s fine going down, but it’s the aftermath that’s the problem.


Classic B-grade action movie with an A-grade cast.

Should I watch this?

If you’re trapped in a flying metal tube like I was, you’re kind of starved for choice.


2 thoughts on “Brick Mansions

    • Actually, if you do plan on watching something on a rainy night, I thoroughly recommend The Station Agent, starring Peter Dinklage. It’s the perfect happy, slow movie to watch when you can’t go out anywhere!

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