The world gets far more dangerous now that everyone can become a walking wifi hotspot!

Written by

Ramez Naam in 2012

When you change the world, you never know if it’s for the better. Think of all the great inventions of the industrial revolution. Many of those inventions have been used for war, but also for peace. The benefits of those inventions have always outweighed the bad consequences.

Following pretty much right after the events of NexusCrux is all about the way humanity learns to use and exploit the new Nexus technology pioneered by Kaden Lane and his buddies. Along with the worthwhile uses of Nexus worldwide, in science, research and engineering, there are its darker masters, in manipulation, fraud and so on.

The surviving heroes of the first book have all scattered throughout south east Asia, trying to stay one step ahead of the CIA and the other American agencies looking for them, while also finding their feet in the new world. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse into the functions of Shu Yongsu, the enigmatic Chinese woman who pioneered many new augmentation technologies. All of these characters converge on a storyline about the struggle for ultimate control over Nexus and its use, in the developing and the developed world.

The book is still a fast paced read, dominated by action and gore. It also continues to look towards a future where humans could well be walking around with mental and physical augmentations, gene therapies, computer programs and other bits and bobs. All of this technology within the grasp of people. What to do with it? How does one control and regulate its use for the greater good?

It asks the question of whether it’s fair that humans who choose to use the technology become far more capable than those who don’t have the opportunity or desire to integrate it into their lives. It also makes you wonder whether the ends justify the means, when it comes to saving the world.

If you read Nexus, and enjoyed the pacing, the action and the concepts, Crux takes it all and turns it up to eleventh. It’s a great continuation of the story and leaves some room for a third instalment, which I hope will be just as well received.


Great read if you begin with Nexus and don’t mind the computer jargon.

Should I read this?

It’s definitely a great adventure story, and it keeps getting better.


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