Aerodynamics, like much of Silverton, is gone with the wind


Richard Armitage as Gary Fuller
Sarah Wayne Callies as Allison
Matt Walsh as Pete Moore
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Kaitlyn Johnson
Max Deacon as Donnie Fuller
and Jeremy Sumpter as Jacob Hodges

Crash bang disaster movies are pretty hit and miss in general. The problem is that you as an audience know that there can only be two outcomes. The first, is that our heroes save the day. The other is that everyone dies because disaster cannot be averted. That there is filler in the middle is pretty unimportant, because that windy path to arrive at the end isn’t exactly filled with revelation. The scriptwriters either have a happy or sad ending on their mind and make characters to suit. Such is the newest crash bang disaster movie, Into the Storm.

The movie begins with stormchasers Pete and Allison, plus their crew of cameramen. Pete is obsessed by finding and recording tornadoes, to the point of being abrasive and uncaring towards his fellow humans. Allison, on the other hand just wants the season to be over to see her daughter. Meanwhile, in Silverton, the three men Fuller family is preparing for the local high school graduation ceremony. The Fullers have a troubled relationship ever since the children’s mother died in a car accident.

And then, there are the two sideshow yokels who are amateur daredevils bent on making it big on Youtube filming themselves doing things that even Jackass would blush at. Obvious comic relief characters have never been so obvious. Or invincible.

Into the Storm follows the usual disaster movie tropes involving tornadoes. Lots of destruction, loads of loud noises and bass, characters who are pretty one-dimensional and predictable and super convenient tornado touchdowns near our heroes. The good news is that if you’re only watching this movie because you enjoy having your ears flattened by bass, this is the movie for you. The computer graphics are top notch and the sound effects to match are exceptional as well, giving the tornadoes a soul and personality, that most of the characters never possess.

In some ways, the movie takes the effort of proving a tornado’s destructive power a bit too far. One scene shows the inexplicable presence of an international cargo airport in Silverton, the tiny town in the middle of nowhere. The twisters proceed to lift up all of the Boeing 747 cargo aircraft from the ground and throw them around like toys. I’m no aerodynamicist, but that scene just looked and felt wrong. Bad science ahoy!

Ok, I’m being a little bit nitpicky here. Into the Storm is a passable crash bang disaster movie, and just like Justine Bieber, causes widespread destruction no matter where he touches down. The movie does enough with its awesome visual and aural effects to actually get the audience to sympathise with the characters, despite their lack of personality. Either way, there are far worse ways to pass ninety minutes. For example, you could be forced to chaperone your kids at a Justine Bieber concert. Now that’s a natural disaster.


Loud? Check. Tornadoes? Check. Destruction? Check by the bucketload. Satisfies the expectations, then.

Should I watch this?

Much like Godzilla, the human characters have no personalities and are generally useless in this movie showcasing nature’s awesome powers. However, it is quite a thrilling movie to watch if you are able to ignore the people and concentrate on the storms themselves.


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