Not content with insulting people’s intelligence for thirteen episodes, here are some more…


Mike Vogel as Dale “Barbie Doll” Barbara
Rachelle Lafevre as Julia Shumway
Dean Norris as James “Big Jim, Small Dome” Rennie
Alexander Koch as James “Junior, Insane Dome” Rennie
Colin Ford as Joe McAlister
with Natalie Martinez as Angie McAlister
and Eddie Cahill as Sam Verdreaux

For some reason, I detest Under the Dome as much as I detest that paragon of incompetence, George Brandis QC, and his unequivocal support for bigotry. I’m sure I’m not the only one, because it is one of the most insufferable instances of television in recent memory. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating. Because at least it’s not a reality show about the Kardashian harpies. Or cooking. Or watching fat people waddle and wobble.

Under the Dome's Mayor Rennie

Not much happens under this dome, or in the television series, and anything that does is pretty bloody awful.

I admit that I stopped watching after episode three of season one, when some weird crazy stuff was going on, with kidnappings, dead cops and a bloke name Barbie running around Chester’s Mill. And an evil mayor who wanted to throw his weight around to become king of his little fiefdom.

Well, not much changed in the first episode of season two, because evil mayor killed someone in the last season at some point, and is trying to frame Barbie Doll for it. Only everyone doesn’t believe him. Then, shock and horror, the dome decides to become magnetic, sucking all the metallic objects in the town on to its surface, and at the same time making everyone fall over unconscious. Something about magnetic waves affecting brain waves…yada yada yada, twaddle.

Ugh. What. The. Hell. I want to smoke some of whatever the scriptwriters have.

Oh and apparently, the dome is somehow intelligent and it can decide the fate of people. And pink butterflies…and sh!t.

Ugh. Who the hell came up with this crap?!

Apparently, there were only 19,000 people in Chester’s Mill before the dome unceremoniously sliced it up. Hopefully all these awful people get offed by the writers as soon as possible.



Should I watch this?

Only if you like getting bashed over the head repeatedly with rapidly moving ferrous objects attracted to strong magnetic fields. F*ck, this show is bad.


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