Dancing baby Groot is awesome!


Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star Lord
Zoe Saldana as Green Alien Natasha Romanoff/Gamora
Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer
Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser
Michael Rooker as Yondu
and Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel as Rocket and Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy is probably once of the riskier Marvel movies to have come out. So far, all of the big name superheros have featured, The Avengers (minus some Sony trademarked characters), the X Men and Spiderman. But the Guardians are not the best known of Marvel’s serials and they are amongst the quirkiest. Obviously, the movie must be full of awesome to endear more people to the team. Again, as I’m not a comic book aficionado, I had no idea what to expect from the movie. However, this is absolutely the best Marvel movie made so far, being far superior to The Avengers.

Guardians begins like any superhero movie, setting up our main characters, mainly Peter Quill, otherwise known (or not) as Star Lord. The Guardians start off as little more than criminals and outlaws who are sent off to gaol, only to escape in order to foil the methods plans of Ronan the Accuser, who looks like one of the Blue Man Group turned really rogue.

Ronan the Accuser

Ronan the Accuser, yesterday, before he got all moody and evil.

Anyway, the plot centres upon the Guardians banding together after their prison escape to stop Ronan from obtaining and using the Infinity Stone, which can destroy entire worlds at a simple touch. Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot find each other on the planet Xandar, and embark on an adventure that gives them both a purpose and redemption. I won’t dress it up, the storyline is pretty a much run of the mill superheros-destroy-superweapon-and-kills-bad-guy type of thing. They also find some character growth (in Groot’s case, LOTS of growth) and become best of friends.

The movie is great fun, with an innate instinct for comic timing, tension and loads of explosions. The music is also well linked, with many classic pop songs of the seventies and eighties used to great effect. Who knew big hair and shoulder pads would make a comeback in science fiction? Our superhero team is as quirky and dysfunctional as the Simpson family, but just as awesome. I think that Groot and Rocket make for a great variation on the Han Solo/Chewbacca partnership, in that only Rocket knows what Groot really means when he utters his “I am Groot” line. Full points to Vin Diesel’s gravelly voice there. The weakest part of the movie is Dave Bautista’s acting. He’s not particularly convincing as Drax the Destroyer, even when he’s talking next to a CGI tree that only knows three words.

To summarise: watch Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s funny, heartwarming, tearjerking and hopeful. It introduces swashbuckling adventures, great new heroes who are fun and quirky. Guardians is by far the best Marvel movie that’s come out so far, and beats the previous best, The Avengers resoundingly. Sorry Joss, hopefully Age of Ultron will take back that mantle. Until then, here’s to the new king of comic books movies!

Check out the trailer


This movie will blow your socks off

Should I watch this?

I am Groot! (Yes, you should, because it’s good).


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