This is a fantastically fun and well made film that gives you faith in humanity


Peter Dinklage as Finbar McBride
Bobby Canavale as Joe Oramas
Patricia Clarkson as Olivia Harris
Michelle Williams as Emily
with John Slattery as David

Sometimes, all you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a quiet night in when winter has cometh to your city and the winds outside are squalling at about a hundred kilometres an hour. In that vein, The Station Agent is the perfect movie to do this with, because it is an uplifting movie about a man who readily admits he’s quiet, unassuming and boring, wanting to live a life without anyone bothering him.

This is Peter Dinklage’s first major role, and as the socially shunned (and equally willing to shun society) Fin McBride, he epitomises just what loneliness feels like. As a dwarf, he’s not accepted by society and withdraws into a world of isolation and very few friends or acquaintances. He’s drawn to the railroads, a hobby and enthusiasm that’s not exactly viewed as “normal” but because he doesn’t have a licence, he also can’t do what most of his peers do, which is chase trains and record the noise and splendour as they speed through the landscape.

His life changes dramatically when his only friend, Henry, the owner of the hobby shop he works in, dies suddenly. As his only friend, Fin inherits a small plot of land and the train depot upon it from Henry and decides that this would be the perfect opportunity to retire and live out his life in quiet solitude. His plans don’t quite work out, when he finds nosy hotdog truck operator, Joe, sets up shop next to his new home, and made worse by the fact that he’s nearly run over twice by the same woman, Olivia, in the same day.

As unlikely as it seems, Joe and Olivia become Fin’s link to the world. They all have their own problems, Joe’s father is sick and Olivia is separated from her husband following the death of her son. The trio become friends in their quiet little place along the railroads. Their respective pasts haunt them, but in their friendship, there is no judgement, only acceptance and a second chance at life. Even though not much really happens in the movie, it’s still a delightful not much.

The Station Agent is not a movie that you can watch and enjoy at any given time. You need the right mood, a grey windy day, replete with the threat of rain, to be chased away by the bright and sunny disposition of the movie’s soundtrack and simple cinematography, carrying the message that there are friends out there for you, no matter what. Most of all, it shows just how much it means for people suffering from their inner demons to have a friend who cares. It’s a highly recommended movie!


Fun, funny and very heartwarming.

Should I watch this?

No matter what, it’s a great story and will give you a warm feeling inside. It will be amplified, however, if you watch it when the weather outside is complete sh!te.


2 thoughts on “The Station Agent

  1. This sounds like an excellent movie. I’ve actually noticed other reviews of it and it has scored high on every single website! It seems like a simple experiencing bursting with quiet messages and subtle fun! Might be suitable for a boring night where I am stuck at home…due to weather conditions:)

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