This looks like one hell of a fun show to be in, and the comic relief is actually hilarious, rather than purely pedestrian


Tatiana Maslany as The Clone Club, or more than half the characters
Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins
Dylan Bruce as Paul Dierden
Kevin Hanchard as Det. Arthur Bell
Michael Mando as Victor Schmidt
with Evelyne Brochu as Dr. Delphine Cormier
and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Siobhan Sadler

The problem with having an absolutely awesome first season of any television series, is just how you go about following it up. Orphan Black faced similar problems, but it seems that its writers, free of the twenty episode (or more, in some cases) a season format of normal American television is able to plan well ahead with the narrative and continue to write top notch episodes and interweaving the storylines together.

As a direct continuation, the story of season two focuses mainly upon Sarah’s search for answers to the mystery of her clonely life, the why, when and how of it all, while at the same time trying to protect her daughter from the nasty men in black types who are after them. The major problem is that one of their own, Rachel Duncan, is a clone with an agenda, and a very mysterious one at that. She is the ultimate bad guy of the season, but as a viewer, you get the feeling that she herself, is also a pawn in a much larger game. What that purpose is, well let’s hope the endgame is satisfying.

In season two, we get more character moments, revelations and big shocks. Firstly, that Rachel would put her selfish desires before the wellbeing of her sisters, even at the expense of her own health and sanity. This is part of the show’s continuous message about the conflict between nature and nurture. We also find out more about just where the true loyalties of characters lie, including Paul, who has a really awkward meeting with Cal, Kira’s father. Elsewhere, we find out some more about the crazy Christian extremists, though not so much their motivations as their storyline is (in my opinion) killed of prematurely.

But the best part of Orphan Black is in its casting, its self effacing humour, and its technical brilliance. We get more fantastic acting from Tatiana Maslany, who up to this point, has not only played about ten characters by herself, but also should have quite a few Emmys (or whatever you call them) in her trophy cabinet by now. We sympathise with Sarah’s challenges of growing up quickly against adversity, we all hope Cosima will live to research another day, we stare at the wonder that is Tony (seriously, you have to watch this episode), laugh at the uptight tribulations of Alison and imaginative solutions of Helena, and we give Tywin Lannister death stares to Rachel. It’s easy to forget that it’s the same person playing vastly different characters and the best example is the Clone Club Dance scene at the end of the season.

Orphan Black is now solidly into storyline make-or-break territory. It’s built up a fascinating world in just twenty episodes, with conspiracy, hilarity, great characters and tantalising plot twists. When season three comes out, it will be time to deliver on solving some of those plots and maybe even do something daring with the host of clones the show has now introduced. How I’d love to see Helena doing some more awkward, yet kick arse scenes against those who have wronged her. It will be glorious!


As good as the first season, and then some. It adds some great storylines and takes the characters into a darker place with hope just around the corner.

Should I watch this?

Hell yes. If this is the first you’ve heard of it though, it would be good to catch up on the first season before venturing into the second though.


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