No, this is not a “free to good home ad” for my beloved yellow brick…

So I’ve finally retired the first ever Nokia I’ve paid for with my own money from active duty, a day-glo yellow Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8. I feel kind of sad, because it served me fantastically well, but it was aging, and not particularly gracefully. Just what was the reason for a retirement? The battery life was starting to really suffer from the strains of hundreds of recharges over a year and a half.

In fairness, it was never the best in longevity anyway, but turning on its 4G antenna and its GPS module at the same time was akin to letting a hungry dog lose at a pet food factory. The battery, and I suspect the processor, just couldn’t handle the load. Despite its thirst for coulombs, it was a pleasure to use the device. Windows Phone 8, and its subsequent upgrade 8.1 are operating systems that are ultra-efficient, informative and pleasing to the eye.

That’s what I love about Windows Phone and the Modern UI interface, common to all Microsoft products these days: the program icons can be configured so they provide extra information, churn through images and messages, or they can just be left as program icons. They are the perfect compromise between the next to useless Apple icons and the sometimes enormous Android screen widgets. Of course, if you’re not used to seeing and using it, like The Boss, it is likely to appear as a giant mess at first glance. Having said all that, it wasn’t without its little foibles.

Sometimes, it would reboot due to an undisclosed error or other issue, it could get extremely hot when browsing the internet or any decently intensive task, and Internet Exploder Explorer was…very slow. But that was a result of the hardware, which was mostly adequate, rather than ample. However, to play games and do other tasks was an exercise in showing just how good a sense of intuition and simplistic, but informative design is required in constructing an operating system for heavy everyday use.

Special mention must also go to the durability of the device itself. It just point blank refused to break, despite my clumsiness and also not putting it inside a case. I’ve dropped it a few times, exclusively on hard surfaces, like pavement and metal, but nothing was shaken loose and it just kept plugging along. Points of impact were, admitted slightly scarred, with a minute chip on the screen itself and a few light scratches here and there. But when you walk around and see people with smashed up iPhone and Galaxy screens, you really wonder just what’s happened to those phones!

To sum it up, the Lumia 920 has been a fantastic device to use, tough, simple and informative. I’ve moved on to a bigger and better thing in the mean time, but I think one of the best things I’ve done in terms of technology is move from iOS to Windows Phone 8.


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