Media furore, and I’m sure private furore is raging at the broken promises of Tony Abbott and his cabinet’s first budget. All well and good, because there are surely a lot people out there who believed the “no surprises” pledge during the 2013 election. I’m sure there are a lot of people who were surprised at the cuts included.

I’m no fan of the Abbott government (I’m sure I’ve made myself perfectly clear here), but in all honesty, there was a need to start some structural reform to align the needs of the country to the reality of the level of services government can realistically provide against a backdrop of an ageing population. In the meantime, this would occur in an era where people are averse to paying “too much tax”. Some changes make sense, like increasing the pension eligibility age in step with the retirement age.

Others make no sense whatsoever. Why would you cut funding to schools and universities by EIGHTY FRICKIN’ BILLION DOLLARS, while at the same time increase funding to school chaplains? What will this achieve? Why would you cut funding to the CSIRO, an organisation that has made some important and lucrative discoveries like WiFi? Surely, you’d increase funding to place like this to retain

Why not cut negative gearing out altogether? I’ve never understood why I should, with my taxes, support people who make losses on their investments. I didn’t force them to take a risk with their money, so why should I pay for those risks and mistakes?!

I don’t understand the logic behind some of these choices, and I seriously doubt even the government does. But hey, this is what the majority of Australians wanted…


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