Bring on the demon goat hordes…or whatever they’ve mutated into now!

What is it?

A (deliberately) bug ridden, Animal Farm-esque physics simulation game with no plot and no character development

How does one procure a copy?

Currently available on Steam, along with mod support from Steam Works

This game is a joke. Literally, a conglomerate of programming that is one of the best pieces of satire in recent times that you will be clamouring to pay for. Trust me (or not), this is well worth the time, effort and money.

For better or for worse, venerable titles like Flight Simulator, the most realistic game for aircraft enthusiasts are long gone. What we have now, sadly, are simulation games of questionable quality. I’m not sure I’ll ever be excited by European Truck Simulator, Bus Simulator or Elevator Operations Simulator*. Well, with all those other simulations of obscure and mundane things going on out there, another niche was found to be exploited for all its worth: goats.

Goats are hardy creatures, surefooted, stubborn and capable of inflicting much pain upon unsuspecting handlers and bystanders. Goats are, therefore, the perfect animal to simulate. The game itself is pretty simplistic. You control a goat from a third person perspective and the aim is to accumulate a high score by completing challenges and causing as much mayhem and destruction in as short a time as you can.

The results are hilarious. The physics simulator bugs, animation glitches and general setting of a small, American farming town with hicks and Easter Egg areas to roam through combine into something that is more than the sum of its parts. You can do ridiculous stunts, shove people around, lick other goats and explode things, for instance, all from the relative safety of your keyboard and an invincible goat.

The only thing is that you might will like taking some time off wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting population of little town. It’s not that it’s frustrating, more along the lines of being repetitive, due to only having one main map upon release. Thankfully, it’s part of the Steam mod platform, where others can add their own creations to the game, such as mutations your goat can be “equipped” with and even maps.

The truth is, the game is satire, it is buggy, and deliberately so. If you’re not willing to play a game that is, in truth quite limited in scope, then don’t get this. But, if you’re willing to fork out a smallish amount of money for a distraction that is both fun and laugh out loud hilarious, then, here’s the game’s trailer to demonstrate my point.

* This game does not exist…yet


For the small amount of outlay, it’s awesome.

Should I play this?

The entire game at the point in time, is limited in scope. If you prefer your games with a narrative and characters, don’t consider this.


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