This movie shows that mature, married people with kids can still get down with it


Seth Rogen as Mac
Rose Byrne as Kelly
Zac Efron as Teddy
Dave Franco as Pete
and Lisa Kudrow as Dean Gladstone

Much like American Pie, Bad Neighbours has arrived at just the right time in my life to be enjoyed and appreciated for the message it brings: old people with kids are still having fun, still smart and relevant and those young’uns have no hope of beating us with our vastly superior intellect and experience. You might have to grow up a little bit, but it’s worth it.

As a comedy movie, Bad Neighbours is far superior to The Other Woman, even though there are similar gags employed to get the audience laughing. The story is pretty basic, a young family, Mac, Kelly and their baby Stella, has just bought a house in a nice quiet area when a fraternity moves in next door with its loud parties, doof doof music and the chiselled physique of Zac Efron.

As you would expect from a bunch of young university students, they’re reasonably inconsiderate of their neighbours, forcing Mac and Kelly to resort to desperate measures to get their neighbourhood back to normality and rid the area of the pesky fraternity. It’s an immaturity battle for the ages, much like the attempts of Stifler and co. to get laid by prom night.

The best thing about the movie is the cast. Any comedy movie that Seth Rogen has been in has turned out to be hilarious so far and Bad Neighbours is no different. His wife, Kelly, who is played by Rose Byrne, someone I’m more used to seeing in more serious movies, shows that she can be just as hilarious as Rogen. Even though some of the gags are pretty cheap, like milking Kelly, sight gags with a trimmed hedge and a dildo fight (hellooooo Saints Row 4!), it’s the way that they’re done that makes them satisfying.

Bad Neighbours won’t win any academy awards for best film. It isn’t aiming for that. What it does however, is make your belly wobble in laughter, just as much as Seth Rogen’s wobbles during his attempt at male modelling. You’ll feel all the better for watching this movie, because it is genuinely laugh out loud funny the whole way through.


Best comedy movie so far this year.

Should I watch it?

If you’ve just had kids and you’re feeling all grown up, this movie will make you feel relevant. For those who don’t have that unfortunate circumstance, it’s still a blast.


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