Clearly, this movie primarily exists as an advertorial for Kate Upton’s rather large…assets


Cameron Diaz as Carly
Leslie Mann as Kate
Kate Upton as Amber, aka the only reason men are able to watch
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Mark
with Nicki Minaj as the most annoying person in the whole movie. Seriously, I’d rather have a nagging wife.

There are two ways that chick flicks typically work. One, the guy starts off as a jackarse (who is ridiculously handsome) of massive proportions, but is reformed into an acceptably productive member of society by an outrageously beautiful woman who is attracted to jackarses but secretly harbours desires to make massive renovations. The second type, which The Other Woman falls into, is the one where a woman, or, in this case, a comically weird clique of them issue a smackdown order upon the ridiculously handsome jackarse.

The movie begins with Carly dating Mark, a handsome, rich dude with an Aston Martin convertible. It seems to be the perfect relationship, until she finds out that he’s actually married. He also somehow gives his home address to her. Not very good planning on Mark’s part here, I think. His wife is the comically ditzy Kate, who is actually full of ideas, but is about as together as a smashed up jigsaw puzzle.

Through a mix of circumstance, mutual love of therapeutic binge drinking and persistence, Carly and Kate become friends and are joined by the very good looking Amber, completing the movie’s BFF Sisterhood seeking revenge against scumbag Jaime Lannister. In all honesty, the best of the three actresses, Leslie Mann played the ditzy blonde far better than the actual ditzy blonde, Kate Upton. Then, there’s Nicki Minaj, an addition to this movie that is more pointless than land rights for gay whales.

Being a comedy movie, it must rely heavily on chemistry between the main cast for laughs. Some of the gags are funny, like Kate’s loving pooch Thunder, who has a predilection for licking her face. Some gags are cheap, such as the time worn “laxative in the drink trick” and the derivatives thereof. Some of the more stupid stunts relied solely on unbelievable events, like Carly being shoved out a second story window by Kate, with the verandah in her way, breaking it (and also presumably herself) quite loudly, while Mark is in the house. Surely, he would have rushed outside to find out why his house was falling apart?!

The best measure of a comedy is how funny you can make it, without having to resort to banal stupidity. Many of the jokes and gags in The Other Woman are recycled, the plot holes are wide enough to drive both Death Stars through together and a quarter of the leading cast can’t actually act. Unfortunately, this means that The Other Woman is a typical chick-flick, which ends up being pretty run of the mill, silly and predictable. Yet, it could have been so much more, if they’d actually been able to think of decent plot devices and a script.


Clichéd, slightly overblown, blindingly stupid in parts and not as funny as it could be.

Should I watch this?

Yes, because your better half compels you to. Alternatively, you can let her have a girls’ night out and you and your buddies can have an American Pie marathon.


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