Warning: this movie is definitely NOT family friendly. Unless you are inspired by the movie to go home and make one yourselves…


Chapman To as Wyman Chan
Josie Ho as Shodaiko Hatoyama
Taka Kato as Goldfinger/himself
with some actual Japanese porn stars
and their beeeewbs

So this movie is a sex comedy. It is indeed, very funny, as long as you can understand Cantonese, since this is a Hong Kong film. It does, as you would imagine, contain a lot of exposed breasts. It’s sort of a mix between The Wolf of Wall Street, minus the drugs and white collar crime and Game of Thrones, minus…er everything but the bewbs.

The story setup (if you can call it a story) is that our erstwhile hero Wyman is down on his luck. He writes risqué literature for a Hong Kong newspaper, but since everybody is now getting their rocks off on the internet, the dirty column is being made redundant. Wyman, sadly, is now also redundant. Predictably, his girlfriend, who is a successful and well known writer is unimpressed (mainly because she’s a money hungry b!@tch).

Wyman and his buddies then catch on to the idea of making their own original smut in Japan while reminiscing over just how sad it is their local video store is closing down due to a lack of sales. Apparently, dirty Japanese movies are very popular in Hong Kong. The rest of the “story” pans out as one would expect it to.

There are some memorable scenes, watching Wyman get “raped” by a girl dressed in a Sailor Moon outfit, as well as the bit where he’s being continuously smacked in the face with a woman’s giant boob. Behind it all, the movie is extremely campy. It must have been a fun movie to make because when you watch it, there seems to be genuine enjoyment. Then again, I’m not sure I’d complain about  filming this kind of movie either.**

Naked Ambition 2* is quite a funny movie, a self effacing look at the Japanese adult industry, as well as the people who watch the products. Nothing is serious and, certainly nothing is out of bounds or too risqué for its narrative. Of course, if you’re not able to accept watching this sort of thing, because you’re Amish or whatever, then you’d find the movie unappealing.

* With bewbs in 3D. This is not Communism approved, but damn, they’re missing out!
** I’m sure my wife won’t read this


It’s an Adam Sandler-like comedy movie, full of bad jokes and dirty innuendo. Good popcorn flick. For blokes.

Should I watch this?

You might do well to watch this with your guy friends. But then again, if your missus is not a prude, then:

1. She might like this, and
2. She’s also a keeper.

2 thoughts on “Naked Ambition 2*

    • Yes, the poster is indeed great! One of the surprisingly better movies I’ve seen so far this year, and is definitely greatly improved if you watch in 3D.

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