I can’t get The Lego Movie song out of my head…AND I DON’T CARE! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


Chris Pratt as Emmet
Elizabeth Banks as Lucy/DJ Wyldstyle
Will Ferrell as President Business/The Man Upstairs/The Manchild
Liam Neeson as Goodcop/Badcop
Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius
and Will Arnett as Batman
with Lando Calrissian, C3PO and Shaq

Lego is a profound thing, sharing a singular and crucial attribute with breasts. They’re really meant for children, but grown men end up playing with them. From this logic, you may think it’s strange (or you may be similarly weird) that a life ambition of mine is to actually have a Lego room, with a tonne of Lego city stuff and Lego trains zipping about the place. So, watching The Lego Movie is sort of like motivation to do just that and expand my Lego collection.

The Lego Movie tells the tale of Emmet, an ordinary guy from the city who only knows how to fit in and do as he’s told, but is thrust into extraordinary Lego events by accident. He is The Special, the only one who can save the nine realms of the Lego universe from the evil President Business and his Kraft Glue, a sinister super weapon that will destroy the universe. His quest to save all of creation is hilarious, heartwarming and touching, all at the same time. I won’t spoil it here.

However, the movie is far more than the sum of its parts, like catchy music, witty dialogue, smart pop culture references, perfect comedic timing and great animation. It’s also about following and developing your imagination, instead of just doing as you’re told, no matter what your age. Lego, and toys similar in concept, have always been about experimentation and fun, taking the pieces from the sets you have, and reshaping them into something new and fantastic. Ultimately, it asks whether the your inner child is still within your soul, or did you evict it when you grew up and got a job?

So, assemble your family, your friends and an ensemble of clothes, go to the cinema and watch The Lego Movie, because it’s absolutely frickin’ awesome.


Absolutely fantastic for young, old and in-between.

Should I go see it

Yes, you should. Even if you’re the most miserable person on the planet. It will brighten up your day.


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