Liam Neeson is on a muthaf*%king plane! Also, technically, the name of this movie is incorrect, since the plane makes an emergency landing in the middle of its journey…


Liam Neeson as William Marks
Julianne Moore as Jen Summers
Scoot McNairy as Tom Bowen
Nate Parker as Zack White
and features dumb plot holes in cameo appearances throughout the film

I have to ask the question: why do people love to mess around and do bad things around Liam Neeson? He’s obviously the world’s second most badarse person after Samuel L. Jackson and he has a special set of skills that can find you and kill you even he’s when a raging alcoholic like Bill Marks.

The movie starts out innocently enough. Bill Marks is an air marshal and he is assigned to a flight between New York and London where the airline’s name has been plucked from a random name generator. About halfway into the six hour flight, he starts getting threatening text messages from a phone on the plane about killing someone every twenty minutes unless $150 million is deposited into a bank account.

As promised, someone does die at the twenty minute mark, but since that was a purely coincidental death at exactly twenty minutes, I found that the story started to lose its plot. There’s no way the guys who planned the thing could possible have known it was going to happen. Also, how did they even know this was even happening on the other end of the plane? But, I hear that you point out Liam Neeson is in control, and I forgive the movie for its silly setup.

I suppose if you take a step back from the whole thing, the movie is kind of silly in the first place. The baddies knew exactly who and where the marshals for the flight were and one of them even picks them out in the freaking airport before the flight. That the movie suggests they managed to hack into the Federal Air Marshal’s database undetected to steal all this information and is plainly quite ridiculous.

Then there’s the finale, where the plane makes a very dramatic landing following a bomb going off. Working on the presumption that the bomb, which is pretty damn big, didn’t blow the entire tail off, it shouldn’t have made an engine explode. That part was frankly stupid because the explosion happened nowhere near the engines. They would have done better to have lost control of the rear aerodynamic surfaces, requiring the already really stressed pilot to use the engines and the front wings as the only maneuvering capability of the crippled aircraft.

Actually, one of the worst plot points in the movie is that Marks is an angry alcoholic. That makes no sense. Why the hell would any organisation, especially the Transport Safety Agency, allow someone like that to be on a plane carrying a gun with orders to protect the innocent and kill all the terrorists? I certainly wouldn’t give someone like that a badge! Then, they spend most of the movie saying that he’s a terrorist because he’s an untrustworthy, raging alcoholic! Seriously, if you don’t trust the guy, why did you give him the responsibility in the first place?

Aside from all the terribly dramatic bad science and seriously delusional plot devices, the movie was a decent suspenseful thriller. It’s most definitely enjoyable, as long as you don’t think too much about what’s going on, because you might ask some questions about why ridiculous things happen. There are many silly things in this movie, but Liam Neeson more than makes up for it.


Decent mystery thriller with a smidgen of exciting action. Ignore the plotholes if you can.

Should I watch it?

Liam Neeson will be angry if you don’t and he’ll use his special skills to hunt you down.


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