Brutal, incompetent and boring.


John Jarratt as Mick Taylor
Ryan Corr as some guy
Shannon Ashlyn as some German girl
Phillipe Klaus as some German guy
Annie Byron and Gerard Kennedy as old Outback fogies
with Shane Connor and Ben Gerrard as bad Outback coppers

Welcome to the second part of the Wolf Creek double header, where we watched both the 2005 original and sequel in quick succession. Which is the better movie? Let’s find out. Much like the original, we follow the murderpacking Mick Taylor as he traverses the Outback shooting pigs, then some more pigs er…I mean police officers in an NT Highway Patrol car.

He then chances upon some tourists camping out near Wolf Creek crater and decapitates the boyfriend, leaving the girl completely traumatised. Again, I forget their names since they’re completely irrelevant to the story. After the girl sort of gets away, she chances upon a British guy who he then chases to his near doom. All this ends up with the movie being a pretty standard slasher film, with the ominous cackle and nasal voice of Mick Taylor as the only major differentiator. This means every single slasher/horror/survival movie trope is brought out and rehashed in the setting of the great Aussie Outback. Boring.

Actually, you can watch, step-by-step, as the franchise descends into the torture porn category. As each kill gets more and more sadistic and violent, Mick cares less and less for covering up his crimes. Boy, they’re sloppy crime covering actions. Crashing a semi-trailer off a cliff, dousing a Highway Patrol car with petrol and setting it on fire. These are the lazy actions of a lazy criminal.

The movie’s biggest problem by far is that it wanders way out of bounds of believability, with NT Police being so incompetent that they can’t find any evidence of a serial killer after all these years, especially when the body count is so damn high. Hell, the guy killed two policemen, a truck driver, two Germans and two farmers in this movie alone, but the police don’t believe the sole survivor, especially since he’s not the first to give the story, and subsequently don’t launch a massive manhunt for him? It’s just too silly. More to the point, we’re shown that Mick Taylor’s Secret Underground LairTM is full of dead and semi-dead tourists. Surely, there would be a lot of detectives and inspectors looking for these people by now?

So, which is the better film? The original Wolf Creek, of course. For a start, it was mostly believable, and despite the boredom, a fresh kind of slasher movie. Its sequel is more brutal and gory, more stupid and filled with so many plotholes it’s actually hilarious. If you want to be disappointed with another franchise disappearing up its own poo-chute, watch the sequel, otherwise, stick to the first one and forget that Wolf Creek 2 exists.


In one word? Sh!thouse.

Should I watch it?

No. It’s a dumb, bad, silly, movie. Spend your money on a Happy Meal. At least you’ll get a free toy out of it.


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