Seriously, make a movie of this series!

Written by

James S. A. Corey in 2012

No sooner had I finished the adrenaline inspiring Leviathan Wakes, when I picked up Caliban’s War and started reading it. The second book in The Expanse series, Caliban picks up several months after the end of Leviathan Wakes.

Post Eros intelligently crashing into Venus, the planet is undergoing some violent geological upheavals as the protomolecule builds something beyond the limits of human imagination and understanding. That’s just background, albeit a very scary one because none of what it’s doing makes any sense. The story though provides another action packed, thrilling ride through the Solar System with yet more political and corporate conspiracy involving James Holden and his merry crew. Also, the end of the story contains a massive fleet battle that in my mind would make for a great scene, outdoing anything Star Wars can produce.

What I think Caliban’s War does is take the foundation of a great universe established in the previous book and turns it up to eleventy. There are more point of view characters, which is definitely welcome, after the alternating Miller/Holden fest that was Leviathan Wakes. It brings a much more compelling way to tell the story since you can see it from more points of view. It adds a lot to the story and the authors jump you from place to place effortlessly and always during a cliffhanger chapter.

So, I repeat my hopes that The Expanse series is picked up by a movie studio and made into a movie or series of movies. It’s exactly the kind of story that Hollywood wants and has the pacing that a science fiction action movie should have. I mean, if Hollywood is happy to put tripe such as Twatlight* and Fifity Shades of Semi-rape* on to the screen, surely, there rest of us normal people should be allowed to watch something really good?

* Not the actual titles of books and or movies, but surely better and more appropriate.


A great action book.

Should I read this?

If you’ve read Leviathan Wakes, you’ll have become compelled to read this, like I have.


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