You mean he’s not actually a robot?

Sherlock Holmes is back from the dead two years after he supposedly jumped off the top of a London building and landed face first on the footpath. The series makes a triumphant return to television sets and…then peters out in the final episode with a twist which is completely disappointing.

Basing each episode on elements of multiple stories within the Sherlock Holmes canon, Sherlock has always surprised and delighted with twists and turns on the original tales, yet at the same time coming up with mostly original storylines.

The three movie length episodes are all original, with some inspiration from titles and elements of various Holmes short stories. This is a departure from the previous seasons where some episodes were based mostly upon Doyle’s works. This season has focused almost entirely upon the bromance between Sherlock and Watson, even though Watson is getting married to Mary Morstan. Also, this version of Mary Morstan is hilariously amazing.

In fact, the first two episodes of Sherlock are all about Holmes patching his relationship up with Watson after he went off the grid and silent for two years. The episodes are both hilarious and heart warming, especially Sherlock’s best man speech at Watson’s wedding – because it shows just how much Holmes respects and cares about Watson, both evident in the books and in the show.

Despite all this, the final episode, His Final Vow feels a bit lacklustre in comparison, but does develop the characters more, especially Mary, who in the original works was nothing more than a passing mention after Watson courts Mary in The Sign of Four. Based quite loosely on The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton and a certain someone in real life (I’ll let you guess who it is), the story goes along well until it peters out right at the end to set up the cliffhanger for season four. Which would be good, were it not for what the cliffhanger actually entails.

Sherlock is still excellent television, with fantastic editing, frenetic pacing, even though the episodes are movie length and generally brings about great laughs through its very British sense of humour. I can’t wait to see what happens in season four, because now there are two people’s supposed deaths the writers and producers have to explain.


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