I’d known for some time that a live action adaptation of The Hobbit would inevitably be made. It’s not as if it should come as a surprise to people given the success of the adaptation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They were extremely good movies and deserved the accolades they received, both individually and viewed as one entity.

As much as I love The Lord of the Rings, in film and in print, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch The Hobbit. It has absolutely nothing to do with the story at all. My main issue with The Hobbit film trilogy is that it shouldn’t be a trilogy in the first place. The book is hardly long enough for one movie by itself and some of that is filler to begin with.

Where each book of the LOTR trilogy could justifiably be made into a film by itself based on pretty good descriptions of events – although there were some significant storytelling changes – there’s just not the material to make three movies in The Hobbit. Because of this, it feels like a cynical attempt to cash in on audiences, especially with the inclusion of Legolas.


3 thoughts on “Why I refuse to watch The Hobbit Trilogy

  1. I went into both the Hobbit films so far telling myself to “forget the books and don’t think about connections with LotR” because I knew they’d be far too different for my liking.

    • Well, I couldn’t bring myself to try to ignore the Lord of the Rings.

      Actually, it’s a bit like the Star Wars prequels. They had a lot to live up to and they just couldn’t get the job done and actually ruined the whole thing a bit.

      • Oh I didn’t mean ignore it like that, I meant more just try to think as the Hobbit as something completely separate :p
        I will admit that the prequel/sequels (very confusing what to call them) were extremely badly acted…

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