Nice. Ford has finally confirmed that Australia will be getting the new 2015 Mustang in both coupe and convertible form and all three engine options to replace the terminally ill Falcon. Like I said previously, though I’d mourn the Falcon, the Mustang is ultimately a worthy successor. I mean, just look at it:

ford-mustang-2015A mustang, yesterday, saying that it wants you to spend your money on it instead of your wife and children. Because who cares about them anyway?

For those of us who normally think of American cars as fat, overpowered and loud, yet plead sickness, injury or a general disability when approaching anything resembling a corner, the Mustang is hopefully the Blue Oval’s answer to that criticism. Gone is the ancient solid rear axle in the previous car. Finally, an independent rear suspension and front suspension set up has been included in its design, paired with some engines that, in theory, sound like they’ll give owners a great excuse to actually drive the damned thing and you have a car that could well be a winner.


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