The people of Australia are finally getting it. Too bad they didn’t get it before the bloody election when they had a chance to prevent it happening in the first place. When you vote on negativity, silly slogans and personality, rather than sound, detailed policy and good sense, you end up with a government that is unpopular and seemingly incompetent.

I’ve had people accuse me of being a “lefty” and calling me stupid for supporting the former ALP government. Fine, if supporting positive initiatives for the country are leftist and stupid, then I wear the tags proudly. I mean, seriously, we had six years of an ALP government and this is what it set out to achieve:

– Avoid a recession during the Global Financial Crisis,

– Completely rebuild the national telecommunications infrastructure to ensure it works well into the future with the NBN,

– Disability insurance with the NDIS,

– Reform our education system so that kids who are disadvantaged have equal opportunity,

– The mining tax, and

– Beginning the process of implementing a market based mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hmm. I don’t see anything wrong with any of those policy initiatives. Compare that to what the current government wants to do:

– Slightly rebuild the national telecommunications infrastructure so that it doesn’t fall apart as quickly,

– Reform, don’t reform, reform the education system in some way, but nobody is told how,

– Get rid of the mining tax that does nothing and,

– Get rid of the carbon tax (which was going anyway) and implement a centrally planned, non-transparent system to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, but is capped and has no basis in economic or scientific principle.

Oh, and they will stop the boats. Somehow. Even while Indonesia is pissed off at us. It also wants the entire automotive industry to be moved offshore. I’m not sure who is advising the government, but the piddly amount paid to the car companies is nothing compared to the sort of subsidies paid to the mining industry, farmers and the banks. But, it’s a good idea to pick on the kid that’s already down and fighting with one arm cut off.

Does it sound like I’m unhappy? Sure, but I’m willing to give the new government a chance to do better. After all, they can’t do much worse than their profoundly disappointing (but not unexpected) first three months. Oh, and I’ll go write Holden’s obituary now while I’m at it.


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